HARTING Han-modular

We'll Leave the Design up to You

Customizable Han-Modular® Series Connectors

With the Han-Modular® Series, you can optimally design connectors to supply machinery and equipment by combining individual modules for different transmission media. The connector handles signals through the combination of different modules selected by you - the designer. Use these modules to accommodate power, signal, and data, and combine into a single connector to avoid the inconvenience of multiple connections.

Benefits of Modular Connectors

  • Space Savings: Multiple connectors integrated into a single unit
  • Low-Maintenance: Pre-assembled, pre-tested assemblies reduce hard-wiring and installation time
  • Flexibility: Assemble your own connectors according to specific requirements
  • Future-Proof: Placeholder modules give you the flexibility to future-proof your connector design

Hardwiring vs. Connectorization

When comparing ways to bring power, signal, or data into an application, you have two choices - permanently hardwire applications or use a connector. If your hardwired applications are frequently disconnected/reconnected, this means substantial labor costs. Using a connector costs more upfront, but the plug-and-play solution is impossible to miswire and doesn't require skilled labor.

PDF  Connectors outperform hardwiring for manufacturers and their customers

Rectangular vs. Circular Connectors

Rectangular connectors offer substantial benefits over circular:
  • Rectangular connectors can be placed side-by-side, unlike circular, which require hand space for twisting
  • Rectangular connectors significantly lead circular in user customization with off-the-shelf modules
  • Connector manufacturers must usually design custom modular circular connectors, resulting in long lead times and less flexibility
Rectangular connectors

What's New from HARTING?

Han® 1A 5.7-10 mm Back Shells

The right technology for all automation applications.

  • -30°C to +90°C Temperature Range
  • Degree of Protection: IP65/IP60
  • RoHS Compliant