steute Extensive Range of Wireless Switches

steute wireless switches collage with foot pedal, position sensor, and pushbutton

Reliable, Manageable, and Practice-Orientated Wireless Technology – Worldwide Applicable

steute cable-free switchgear solutions communicate with higher level control systems via reliable wireless transmission. The comprehensive range features wireless standards created by steute, fully adapted to the industrial environments and feature profiles of wireless communication in the machinery and process plant industry.

Wireless communication opens up all kinds of new possibilities, especially when it comes to the design of man-machine interfaces. The development focus is the "Energy Harvesting" principle: the switching device generates the energy required for the transmission of wireless signals themselves (for example, a robust electrodynamic energy generator). This eliminates the need for complex wiring assemblies and increases flexibility for use in hard-to-access locations. Choose from position switches, foot switches, pull-wire switches, and more. Each device can be combined with different wireless technologies for a complete, modular system. For demanding industrial applications, different wireless technologies are available.

  • sWave® Wireless Technology
  • No Power Supply and No Wiring and Pipe-Laying Required
  • Output Signal Can Be Individually Configured at the Receiver
  • Easy Programming of Receiver
  • Thermoplastic Enclosures

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